Cūrā8, Recent correspondence, personal SMS message, 11/06/2024.

Chronomingle is a playful word for describing the complex interplay of diverse storytelling practices and associated temporalities across transmedia art forms. The term seeks to encapsulate how multiple, interwoven narratives might converge, overlap and interact within a single work, exhibition or event. By combining ‘chronos’ (time) and ‘mingle’ (to mix or blend), this curious neologism calls to ways that some artists blend, juxtapose and layer multiple temporalities and materials to reflect the complexities of human experience, both historically, and across the globalised present. By unifying multiple timeframes and non-linear experiences within a singular artistic or curatorial framework, ‘chronomingling’ becomes the task of creating new multitemporal narrative associations.

As an exhibition and expanded event program, Chronomingle reconsiders storytelling and multimodal allegorical relationships as an entangled set of narrative experiences. The artists in this exhibition combine visual art, performance, movement, song, literature, film, and digital media to explore the fluidity of time and the interconnectedness of diverse cultural experiences. By experimenting with new approaches to storytelling through various methods, this exhibition seeks to capture the essence of stories that resonate across different historical and cultural contexts, binding us together through the shared languages of word, melody and image.


Curated by Cūrā8